My name is Shellie….and I Coupon!

I have always beleived that you can learn something new every day…and a few months ago I learned something new, and have embraced it wholeheartedly!  I am a couponer!  i am proud couponer…despite my children laughing at my need to be organized, my desire to stock up on the items we use a lot of, and my addiction for Glade products!

I have all the necessary tools to make my journey enjoyable and profitable.  I have my binder, easily distinguishable from the photo albums, and noticeable enough the kids do not dare to set it somewhere it could be lost, I have coloured highlighters to save the cashiers time when processing my order, I have my lists, my day or organizing…and I have the proof of my savings secured away fro those weeks I get discouraged and think…this isn’t working.  I have gone from spending 400.00 per week, to less than 200 every three weeks.  The kids are not starved for fruit, vegetables or meat…and we have amassed a considerable amount of stock in order to insure we on’t have to buy cleaning or paper products weekly.  I have turned to home cooked meals more often…and as well as saving money, my waist line is beginning to shrink (it’s about time trust me!)

I look froward to the fliers that arrive weekly, and yet I spend no more than an hour organizing my list, daily I have managed to insure my mailbox is full of delights and samples form companies that are so kind as to share their wares.  I have learned to become a smart shopper…and yet at the same time save money. There is an etiquette for couponing, and although I am not one of those televised people in their extreme need to hoard the unnecessary…I have met several people along the way who are kind enough to share and listen to advise when offered.  We are  a giving community…we share our savings with those less fortunate where ever possible, we share our findings, and we are not afraid to voice our opinion against stores that will cheat you when they are reimbursed fully.  I have met some unscrupulous people along the way, out for nothing more than attention and looking for kudos, all while sharing how to cheat a store when they know a price was printed incorrectly…but I have met more positive people than negatve, so I am impressed.

In this economic downfall we all seem to be facing these days, with lay offs, job loss, foreclosures and more…couponing is an excellent arena to relearn…teach your children, share with your neighbors…embrace a new way of saving and like so many…love it!

Savings to date:  2500.00 in less than five months, meaning bills are paid on time, kids are fed, holidays are celebrated, and tomorrow offers a glimmer of hope…again and again!  Couponing isn’t just for the poor, it is for the smart and savvy shopper who wants more for their dollar.  Couponing is the new future to saving towards….say retirement?  a vacation?…a spa day!


Sites that can help you learn to Budget, learn to Save, provide coupons include, but are not limited to ,,,, and