I Love Fall and I Love Boo!

I love Fall!  I love the sight of leaves changing, animals foraging and preparing for the cold season soon to be upon us.

I love the smells of Fall…the spices, roasting, cider, baking and the joys of canning.

I love the sounds of Fall…the crinkling, the laughter, the sounds of friends greeting or playing the last games of football in a park long abandoned of shorts and tanners.

I love Fall…but I hate the bugs it brings with it…the coughing the hacking, the sniffles, the scratching, the fevers, the moaning, the groaning…and that’s just the kids!  Armed with Vitamin C, and Fish oil in tablet form, vitamins lined up, vegetables lightly steamed…the children are reminded daily to add them to the regime with the hope of fighting off whatever critter lurks outside the door.  Hand sanitizer in back packs I send them out reminding them to cough in their sleeve, and wipe the taps off…

This week it is all in vain, as I sit here today with a sick little one.  Day three of an invasion that has decided it likes her tummy.  So I shall endure the whining, the moaning, the quick running to the bathroom, where I will once again wipe off counters, remind her to wipe the taps and listen to her say “Oh no…Sorry Mamo!”

No worries dear…this too shall pass, and like the sights, sounds, smells of Fall…I Love YOU!  We can embrace this together.


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