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The Clock ticks down

Currently I am sitting here, emailing back and forth between the lovely company who is redesigning my Blog for m…we are shooting back and forth on sign ideas…lol..and thankfully Andrea is feeling better and is getting her work done (its hard when you are the owner and you get behind, the stress does not bode well to your recovery!)

I sit in silence, as children pass me faces drawn…because as the clock ticks down the last day of summer is upon us, tomorrow we will rise, to fresh baked muffins, and fruit kabobs….bags are packed, money set aside…and off to school they will go!  Boo has to wait four more days as her first official day of Junior Kindergarten is Friday!  We have been working on getting back into our routine this past two weeks, and gradually we are getting there.  Teenagers love to sleep…and here comes Mom with the “get up get up get up” singing toddler!  This may be my revenge for rising early with the precocious one ;).  As I type I think back to the growth over summer, the new experiences, the freedom Fall offers as we wind down from a rather long issue that has plagued me the past two years.  Together we approach the best times and smile knowing that yes while life shall be regulated between the hours of 8:30 and 4 pm…such is life…bring it on!

Cupcake wise, I am moving forward quite well, and have taken on an adventure in PartyLight Candles.  Networking has its advantages, and I have learned a lot this past few months.  Once the blog is finished being redesigned, I’m going to have these lovely little buttons that will link you to all my friends…lol!  Everything I have learned from tolerance, to budgeting to even crafts is going to be expanded upon in the coming weeks…like my children…onward and upward…a new day dawns….


The Clock is ticking!  Go embrace your tomorrow!