Sharing a Post from a Friend

This year has been a Year of change for the girls and I…we have undertaken the daunting task of budgeting.  We are living to tell the tale, albiet it not without some fall backs.  We stand up, wipe ourselves off, admonish our choice and start again…after all that is what life is about!  On this journey of discovery, I have enjoyed learning from two valuable resources….Gail Vaz-Oxlade and A Lovely Couple found at Canadian Budget Binder  aka Mr. and Mrs. CBB.

Mr. CBB’s cheeky humor (he is a Brit after all), combined with his nonsensical approach to budgeting, combined with his love of all things food…lol…I love to see the crock pot adventures he embarks upon.  His latest creation touched my spicy side…and I am choosing to share his recipe today, then I will post my own chili recipe tomorrow for your enjoyment.  Feel free to give his site a look you’ll be glad you did!

Mr.CBB’s Slammin Crockpot Chili $6.50.


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