Sometimes you feel as though you are treading water
  other times you just want to sink to the bottom.

Sometimes you want to acknowledge your regrets
  other times you know others are taking care of that for you.

Sometimes you fight the fight for the right reason
  other times people fight it for you.

Sometimes you want to say “Enough”
  other times you know that someone somewhere may be rooting for you.

Sometimes you want it all to be over,
  other times no matter what promises to God you make, it is taken out of your hands and over before you want it to be.

Sometimes the biggest disappointments are solely on the shoulders of those you trusted most,
  other times the helping hand comes from a complete stranger.

Sometimes you are proud to be you
  other times you are embarassed to be.



3 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. I just started following your blog. I admire your success so far in living within a budget and making wiser financial choices. I’m really struggling with holding up my end of the effort in our family. It’s really difficult to admit that I am unable to control my impulse spending. I’m especially vulnerable during times of emotional upheaval and stress… so, right now is a bad time for me.
    I’m hoping that journalling out my emotions and reading about other people’s success will help me to keep things in check. I REALLY HOPE.

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