Ahhhh Monday!  Glorious Monday…an end to frivolity, the beginning to the storm that awaits the next seven days.  Life is grand!

Mondays are a bustle of activity, a myriad of data, a bundle of joy as each new day approaches.  Mondays are couponing, lists, agendas, drama of teenagers, shouts of “Mom!…where is…?”, menus and more lists.  Mondays are an awakening into laughter, stress, drama, more laughter and shock as we embrace what lies before us.  I have said before, in my home…the chaos reigns supreme, but we are empowered by it.  We go forward knowing there is nothing to big we cannot handle together, with laughter or drama…we will go to bed tonight, never failing to remind each other we love them…and sharing what experiences made us wiser today.



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