My name is Mom…and I love to repeat myself…

My name is Mom, and apparently I love to repeat myself!

I was unaware of this in my younger years, however as a parent, I obviously have embraced a new channel for getting information across…on the odd day it may be honored but for the mot part…I am left listening to the echo in the wind.  My apologies to my parents if I did this to them…Oh wait!  I just had a moment of deja vu!…THIS is what they meant when they would say to my siblings and I  “HOW MANY TIMES do I have to….”

I see now…this is the dynamic between child and parent that allows us to embrace our inner patience, we must find our inner chi through the repetition of ‘take out the garbage’… ‘pick up your clothes’…’put your plate IN the dishwasher please’…This is what I was obviously striving for all those nights i was walking the floor, feeding colds and starving fevers.  Silly me…I should have been talking to them in hushed tones back then, they may have learned through osmosis!


Come on now…it could happen!  I know this evening, I shall have two miserable teenagers who before I shall agree to let them live their lives and be their social selves…they will be joining me in my fantasy world and doing the simple things I have asked…after all in this house I am the webmaster!  

My name is Mom….and I love to repeat myself…BWA HA HAHA!


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