Viral…the worlds favourite word :)

I love the word Viral…no really I do!  It is an all encompassing word!  It may replace omnipotent in my vocabulary.

What am I rambling on about, you’re probably asking yourself right now!?!?!?   LOL…I am going viral with my approach to the overuse of the word VIRAL.  It is the one word these days that can make me grimace and laugh at the same time, it opens up debates and completely shuts down conversation at the same time.  It has become our catch all phrase.  Viral is the approach when we embrace something new, neglecting the responsibility of the past lessons learned. Viral is the commentary of newscasters, sportsmen and friends alike, it is the manner in which we embrace our daily tasks, our responsibilities and our past times.  It defines who we are when we discuss the tasks we take on, some completed some left long forgotten as we embrace the latest and greats…the new….Viral is quicky becoming a definition of who we will be in the near future.

Viral is the cold season, as sufferers endure the challenges of work and life with runny noses, swollen sinuses and eyes watering clearly allowing those near us to see our suffering.  In a child with a fever of 104, the prognosis is always “It’s a viral infection going around, keep doing what you’re doing…” Just once I want to scream, ‘ I keep doing it, and it keeps coming back….lol”.   Viral is the speed with which social media has affected society today…long gone are the days of the written word, rather we all sit and blog, or Facebook or Myspace (yes there are still some who log in 😉  ) and the speed with which our ideals, recipes or latest findings are spread is referred to as….wait for it…VIRAL!  

Viral is the latest and greatest to all it embraces on a daily basis…embrace it I say, soon it shall be replaced as the pen of yesterday.  We will have  anew catch phrase, we will succumb to the diatribe of the next generation, be it at the dinner table or at the park…we will hear it, use it and we will run with it. 

As for me, I am going to go deal with a granddaughter who has a viral infection, her other who also is viral and a teenager who is embarking on a viral schedule of  play rehearsals….Enjoy!  Embrace your inner animal and know that your world is viral too!



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